Unveiling Delhi’s Shopping Extravaganza: Lajpat Nagar Market

Delhi, a vibrant city pulsating with life and culture, proudly houses numerous shopping hubs, each exuding its unique charm. Among the bustling markets that define Delhi’s retail landscape, Lajpat Nagar Market emerges as a shopping paradise, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. Often referred to as the Central Market, Lajpat Nagar is a treasure trove for those seeking ethnic wear, home goods, fabrics, and delectable dining experiences. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the rich history, diverse shopping options, culinary delights, traditional crafts, and nearby attractions that make Lajpat Nagar Market an absolute must-visit destination.

Where to Eat in Lajpat Nagar Market

The culinary scene at Lajpat Nagar Market is as diverse as its shopping options. From street food to fine dining establishments, there is food to suit almost all tastes. Golden Fiesta, Ram Laddu Food Corner, Nagpal Chole Bhature, Dolma Aunty Momos, and Biryani Blues are just a few of the well-loved eateries, ensuring a satisfying gastronomic adventure.

Exploring the Food Scene

After a fulfilling shopping spree, take a break to explore the diverse food outlets scattered throughout Lajpat Nagar Market. From Chinese noodles and spring rolls to traditional Indian delicacies like chole bhature and chaat, the food options cater to all tastes.

Traditional Crafts at Lajpat Nagar Market

Beyond clothing and food, Lajpat Nagar Market is a treasure trove of traditional craft items for home décor. From wall hangings to flower pots, stitched curtains to jodhpuri tables, shoppers can enhance their living spaces with unique and affordable finds ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 3000.

Where History Meets Modernity

Established in the 1950s, Lajpat Nagar Market has seamlessly adapted to the evolving needs of modern shoppers. High-end fashion designer stores coexist with old shops, offering a diverse range of affordable and trendy options. The market truly encapsulates the spirit of Delhi, where history and modernity coalesce.

Lajpat Nagar Market: A Glimpse into History

The roots of Lajpat Nagar Market trace back to 1950, a pivotal era marked by the influx of Hindus and Sikhs after the India-Pakistan Partition. Named after the revered freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai, known as the Lion of Punjab, this market has evolved into a thriving center for shopping and cultural experiences.

What to Buy at Lajpat Nagar Market

1. Heavy Ethnic Wear

For those with upcoming weddings or special events, Lajpat Nagar is a haven for exquisite ethnic wear. Boutiques like Shubham, Shakuntlam, and Om Sons Bridal Store showcase stunning lehengas, salwars, and sarees. While haggling is limited, the prices remain reasonable, starting from Rs 2000.

2. Casual Ethnic Clothing

If you’re in search of everyday ethnic or Indo-fusion clothing, Lajpat Nagar won’t disappoint. Street vendors offer a wide array of Kurtis starting from Rs 150. Stores like Batla Fashion provide a mix of quality and affordability, ensuring a delightful shopping experience.

3. Fabrics

For the creatively inclined, Lajpat Nagar offers a selection of fabrics to create personalized clothing. Stores like KC Creations, Prakash Collections, Istri Vastra, and Meenakshi cater to those looking to add a unique touch to their wardrobe.

Nearby Attractions

Extend your Lajpat Nagar experience by exploring nearby attractions:

1. PVR Movie at 3C’s Mall

After a day of shopping, unwind with a movie at PVR in the 3C’s Mall, conveniently located within Lajpat Nagar.

2. Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

Around 3 km from Lajpat Nagar Market, this historic dargah hosts daily Qawali performances from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The journey to the dargah takes you through well-lit lanes adorned with vibrant food vendors.

3. Amar Colony Market

A furniture market situated within Lajpat Nagar, Amar Colony Market boasts street furniture stores offering elaborate and sturdy furniture. Artists here are known for transforming antique pieces into beautiful and one-of-a-kind items.

4. Other Sights

Explore other major sights like Qutub Minar, Hauz Khas Village, Safdarjung Tomb, Dilli Haat, India Gate, and the National Science Centre, all within reach from Lajpat Nagar Market.

Timings and How to Reach

Lajpat Nagar Market welcomes shoppers from 10 am to 9 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, and remains closed on Mondays. Conveniently accessible by both road and metro, visitors can reach Lajpat Nagar Market by bus, metro, car, or taxi.

By Bus

Several DTC bus routes pass through Lajpat Nagar Market, including Route 522, 764, 774EXT, 874, 881, 953, and 973.

By Metro

The closest metro station is Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, accessible via the Pink Line and Violet Line. Exit from Gate No. 2 for the Central Market.

By Car

Driving to Lajpat Nagar Market is an option, but finding parking may be challenging.

By Taxi

For a hassle-free journey, consider calling a taxi or booking an app-based cab like Uber or Ola to reach the market.


In conclusion, Lajpat Nagar Market is not just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant cultural experience. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a foodie, or someone seeking traditional crafts, this market has something for everyone. Embrace the rich history, indulge in a shopping spree, savor diverse culinary delights, and explore the nearby attractions that make Lajpat Nagar Market a true gem in the heart of Delhi.


Q: What makes Lajpat Nagar Market unique among Delhi’s shopping hubs?

A: Lajpat Nagar Market stands out for its seamless blend of tradition and modernity, offering a diverse shopping experience for clothing, home décor, and culinary delights.

Q: Where can one find heavy ethnic wear in Lajpat Nagar Market?

A: Boutiques like Shubham, Shakuntlam, and Om Sons Bridal Store showcase stunning lehengas, salwars, and sarees, catering to those with upcoming weddings or special events.

Q: What are the options for casual ethnic clothing in Lajpat Nagar?

A: Street vendors and stores like Batla Fashion offer a wide array of casual ethnic clothing, including Kurtis starting from Rs 150, suitable for everyday wear.

Q: What traditional craft items can shoppers find for home décor at Lajpat Nagar Market?

A: Shoppers can discover items such as wall hangings, flower pots, stitched curtains, and jodhpuri tables, with prices ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 3000.

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